This system is a mechanism, which allows the reception and redressal of complaints or grievances by stalkholders.


Several E-content for the students as Dept. of Humanities,socialscience,science,professional and vocational .


Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college Campus. Ragging is a disturbing reality in the higher education system of our country.

  • DR.Ashok Kumar

    Prof.In-Charge kisan college

    "Education and culture do not let humanity die" Kisan College was established in 1957 under the leadership of Ramji Prasad of Gandhian ideology with the aim of providing education to the remote areas and backward sections of the society and to make their dreams come true. The people nearby supported him with body, mind and wealth and this college could be established. Even today, the college family salutes them from the heart. Today, the college is moving towards achieving the dreams of revered Ramji Babu with the cooperation of teachers and non-teaching staff. Today, the college has always been making the college proud by continuously achieving top positions in different fields of its students.

  • Prof.R.K.SING

    Hon'ble V-C Patliputra University

    The simplest answer to this question is – to fast track your career. Given the fact that we are inhabiting a world where there is a cut-throat competition in business world and job market, one needs to be equipped with managerial skills and leadership qualities to be able to contribute to the organisation in more than one way. If you are an expert in a field, knowing how to manage a business will be an added advantage. MBA degree is the key assistant in setting up own business or in switching career.